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Hi and welcome to my humble home page, this is my second attempt at creating one of these. :-)

Who am I?

A question I often ask myself but here goes with what I know as of today. :-)

As you have probably guessed my name is Bob Young, well not really, Bob is my nickname that just about everyone uses. Yes that apparition above is me, bit of a slap head, but I don't care. You won't catch me trying to hide my manly scalp.

On Saturday 4th September 1999 the most important event of my life happened, at 06:32am I became a Father to a 8lb 6.5oz baby girl called Samantha.

Not content with that we did it again!! On Friday 27th October 2000 at 2:00pm I became a Father (again!!) to a 6lb 8oz baby girl called Laura.


If you have any comments about this Web page or just want to contact me then send mail to:-

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